About the Story

In a world that has
become a graveyard,
a fugitive must use
the power of the dead
to protect the freedom
of the living.

The city-state of Ardica floats offshore from a continent-spanning necropolis, sacred ground no one is permitted to inhabit. Legally, Daria should register with the Ardican agency that monitors those with the ability to tap the energy left by the dead. But despite heavy-handed government measures, the threat of war beyond Ardica’s walls, a criminal gang’s machinations, and her own brother’s law-abiding ideals, independent-minded Daria is determined to hold onto her freedom.

Even if it means starting a revolution.

Graves is an action drama set in a techno-magical distant future. The finale of the series posted on 1/30/17, and the story in its entirety can be read from start to finish. (Assuming you really have that much time on your hands.) Please note: Graves contains some harsh language, sexual situations, and possibly graphic violence.

The story begins here.

6/20/17 Author’s Note: Graves is about to become an ebook series! While the main story remains mostly unchanged, the story now includes some reworked areas (Can we say “more world-building please”?) and even a few all-new scenes. For the time being, the web serial will also remain live, although it’s possible that at some point I may need to do a marketing push via Kindle Unlimited that will force me to take some/all of it at least temporarily offline.

If you are new to Graves and think you might prefer the ebook format to the serial format, or if you’re a long-time reader who wants the best of both worlds, let me point you at my official author web site. Once you’re there, you can sign up for my mailing list and in the process get your hands on a prequel short story available only to my mailing list subscribers. You can also add yourself to my ARC team, which makes you eligible for free advance copies of the series books.


If you’re not game for that, but you’re still interested in the ebooks, you can find Resistance: Graves Book One at Amazon.


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