About the Story

7/11/17 Author’s Note: Graves is about to become an ebook series! While the main story remains mostly unchanged, the story now includes some reworked areas and several all-new scenes. OK, and a couple of needed changes in the main story.

Sadly, I have been forced to take the serial offline pending its enrollment in Amazon’s Kindle Select program, which requires exclusivity. (Their rules, not mine–my apologies!)

The good news is that if you’re enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, you can still read for free. Also, let me point you at my official author web site. Once you’re there, you can sign up for my mailing list and in the process get your hands on a prequel short story available only to my mailing list subscribers. You can also add yourself to my ARC team, which makes you eligible for free advance copies of the series books.

Break cover w blurb for ml page 101017

If you’re not game for that, but you’re still interested in the ebooks, you can find Resistance: Graves Book One at Amazon. (The link will take you to books2read first–you can pick your Amazon store of choice from there.)

Graves series ad for mailing list page


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